Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review Roundup!

New Reviews have come in for Chris Knopf's Dead Anyway and Victoria Jenkins' An Unattended Death

Dead Anyway:

"A thinking man’s mystery and an investigator’s action adventure, Dead Anyway keeps readers glued to the page, reads itself into pitch-perfect dialogue turns the world upside down, and introduces a wonderful wounded genius to carry a brand new series. The twists and turns are clever and neat, the characters memorable and deep, the love interest enticingly believable, and the adventure has just enough slips twixt plot and execution to feel real and dangerous and fun." —Sheila Deeth,

"The story is told in a way that makes you forget everything around as you BECOME Arthur. I had a hard time ''switching off'' his voice every time I had to put this novel down. An original and fascinating read!"  Sons of Spade

Dead Anyway is available now from The Permanent Press!

An Unattended Death:

"An Unattended Death has all the twists and turns of a mystery, the finely measured cadences of a police procedural, and the musical sense of character and place of an intricately haunting drama. Evocative and intriguing, it’s an enticing beginning to what promises to be an enjoyable mystery series."  —Sheila Deeth,

Look for An Unattended Death coming this October from The Permanent Press!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Publisher's Weekly Reviews The Grievers

The Grievers, Marc Shuster's latest novel released in May, has been reviewed in a web-exclusive article on!

"The dialogue throughout is pitch-perfect, there's a laugh on nearly every page, and Schuster's crystal-clear prose shimmers." --Publisher's Weekly

Read the full review and more at

Look for The Grievers now available from The Permanent Press!

New Reviews for An Unattended Death

Victoria Jenkins' upcoming novel has received two new positive reviews, including its second starred review!

" Jenkins's series debut holds the reader captive from the first paragraph. Her strong sense of place coupled with the plot's palpable psychological tension makes her police procedural especially arresting." 
--Library Journal, starred review 

"The mystery is interesting and moves along at a cool but steady pace, making it hard to put down. Irene’s straightforwardness and reluctance to change make her refreshingly human. If Ms. Jenkins continues with this character, she’ll have a series that will likely draw loyal followers." --NY Journal of Books

Look for An Unattended Death coming this October from The Permanent Press!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New interview with author Jaden Terrell now up on the 'Author Interview's' page.

Jaden Terrell author of Racing the Devil recently interviewed with Amy Steele from "Entertainment Realm" regarding her latest release A Cup Full of Midnight.

Amy Steele: What appeals to you most about writing mysteries?

Jaden Terrell: I think we often write about things that frighten us or things we don’t understand. In real life, justice isn’t always served. Criminals are released on technicalities. Crimes can go unsolved, and even when they are solved, we’re left wondering why they happened. Mysteries explore both the motivations behind criminal acts and the effects of crimes on the victims and their loved ones. In the conflict between good and evil, good ultimately wins, though often at great cost. It’s reassuring to think there are strong, brave people standing between evil and the rest of us. Writing about Jared, the hero of my private detective series, reminds me that those people exist.

Read the full interview now on our Author Interviews page!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Publisher's Weekly 8/31/12 - The Man on the Third Floor Review

Anne Bernay's newest novel The Man on the Third Floor has been reviewed in the latest issue of Publisher's Weekly:

"Bernays deftly articulates the difficulties faced by homosexuals during the McCarthy witch-hunt years...[She] explores a dramatic era in American history and the psyches of her characters with equal ease in this well-written and entertaining new novel."

Read the full review and more at

Look for The Man on the Third Floor coming this November from The Permanent Press!