Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Even More Praise for Chris Knopf's Dead Anyway

Yet another positive review for Chris Knopf and The Permanent Press' latest release Dead Anyway. This one comes from freelance journalist Jeff Mannix writing for his "Murder Ink" review column of "The Durango Herald.

Dead Anyway

"Nobody dislikes a revenge story, and this is a beaut. Knopf is clever, meticulous and patient."

"Knopf’s two protagonists are compelling – the putatively dead Arthur Cathcart, and Natsumi, a flighty but sagacious blackjack dealer Cathcart meets, trusts and teams up with to attempt an honest, justifiable revenge sting on the people and powers who summarily executed him and his wife. You’ll love these characters."

"Dead Anyway is the quintessential whodunit."

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Look for Dead Anyway coming this September from The Permanent Press!

More Reviews for An Unattended Death by Victoria Jenkins

Early reviews for An Unattended Death have come in praising the latest novel by author Victoria Jenkins.

An Unattended Death
"Jenkins’ deft use of plot and character skillfully advances the story, and her all-too-human protagonist, Chavez, is credible and identifiable as she strives to solve the case and reconcile her duties as a law enforcement officer and a single parent...she’s not your typical glamorous heroine, but someone who’s low key, trying to balance work and home life...Hopefully, a sequel won't be far behind." --Kirkus

"Jenkins spins police procedure into a startlingly realistic psychological mystery, with a laid-back pace that is never slow. Chavez's point of view offers a curious, driven perspective; readers definitely will want to slip into her head again." 

Look for An Unattended Death Coming this October from The Permanent Press!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oregon Hill Featured as "Killer Nashville's Book of the Day"

Clay Stafford, founder of online mystery community Killer Nashville, has selected Howard Owen's Oregon Hill as his latest pick for "Book of the Day".

                                          He favorably says of the novel:

"Oregon Hill" by Howard Owen
"This is so much better than those other books you might have read. Author Howard Owen is a brilliant observer of people."

"I love the dialogue. It has that rare combination of being both plot and character driven, an infrequent amalgamation in most books."

And of The Permanent Press:

"What’s the magic at Permanent Press? The house is fast becoming one of my favorite publishers. Consistently, publisher Martin Shepard and staff keep turning out winners."

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Looking for Przybylski Review in Publisher's Weekly

K.C. Frederick's Looking for Pryzybylski has been reviewed in the latest Publisher's Weekly:

"Frederick (Lyletown) has lately begun to explore the lives of Eastern Europeans in the U.S. and to mine the tension of divided loyalties and unexpected consequences." 

"Ziggy’s quest is related without resonates as a rumination on the trials and triumphs of a newly examined life."

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Look for Looking For Przybylski coming this October from The Permanent Press

Starred Review for An Unattended Death in Publisher's Weekly

An Unattended DeathPublishers Weekly  August 13, 2012:

"Clean prose and impeccable pacing."

"Secret affairs, the vagaries of tides, and queasy step-sibling relationships all figure in what turns into a murder investigation."

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Look for An Unattended Death coming this October from The Permanent Press!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Death in a Wine Dark Sea Reviewed in "Crimespree Magazine"

Lisa King's mystery thriller novel Death in a Wine Dark Sea has been given a new favorable review from Crimespree Magazine.

"Great pacing, complex characters, and the juicy details of people’s darkest secrets make for a book I couldn’t put down. I’m sure I won’t be alone in hoping for more of Jean and Zeppo."


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Oregon Hill Reviewed in NY Times

Marilyn Stasio has reviewed Howard Owen's Oregon Hill in the NY Times' latest "Sunday Book Review".

"If anyone is watching out for the forgotten citizens of Oregon Hill, it’s Willie, who grew up there and speaks the local language, a crisp and colorful urban idiom we can’t wait to hear again."

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