Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Review for The Stone Lion

William Eisner's The Stone Lion (coming this February) will be reviewed in next months issue of Booklist.

The Stone LionReviewer Carol Gladstein writes:

"Told through the eyes of a collection of characters, this is a tale of business and personal intrigue. Eisner gives readers a seat at ETI’s executive table, taking them deep into the heart of a business and exploring all aspects of this highly competitive world. Filled with humor and insight, Eisner’s latest novel is a fascinating story of people attempting to navigate complex terrain while keeping the simple things in plain sight."

Look for the full review in Booklist next month!

And be sure to check out The Stone Lion coming February 15 from The Permanent Press!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Publishers Weekly - 1/07/13 - Resolve Review

Close this windowJ.J. Hensley's first Novel Resolve has been favorably reviewed in this months issue of Publishers Weekly:

"The Pittsburgh Marathon serves as the backdrop for this impressive first novel from former police officer and Secret Service agent Hensley."

"This artfully constructed mystery makes effective use of the third-rate-college setting and of Pittsburgh, as revealed by the course of the marathon, marked by each of the 26 chapters."

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Look for Resolve by J.J. Hensley coming this March from The Permanent Press!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Man on the Third Floor promoted in The Boston Globe

Yesterday's "Boston Globe" mentioned Anne Bernays' latest novel The Man on the Third Floor in the "Word on the Street" section in a 'News about New England Books and Authors' update by Jan Gardner.

The Man on the Third Floor"“I was really intrigued,” she said in a recent phone interview. How was it possible for a married man to carry out an affair with another man in the house he shared with his wife?

Bernays’s answer is her novel “The Man on the Third Floor” (Permanent), which is narrated by a successful book editor living on the Upper East Side of New York in the 1950s who has an affair with the man who comes to measure his office for new carpeting.

To find out how the subterfuge succeeded — or didn’t — you’ll have to read the book or listen for a clue when Bernays reads from it at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Porter Square Books in Cambridge."

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The Man on the Third Floor Now available from The Permanent Press