Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Death in a Wine Dark Sea by Lisa King reviewed in Library Journal

San Fransisco real estate mogul Martin Wingo made many enemies during his career, but it was just bad form to throw him overboard at his own wedding. Jean Applequist, wine columnist and good friend of Diane, the bride, finds herself in the middle of a murder case when his corpse washes up. Impetuous Jean quickly enlists the sleuthing help of her best gay friend Roman, who is a martial arts expert, and Zeppo, Martin's young protege. Brilliant Zeppo knows Martin's dark secrets: there's the Eastern European people-smuggling connection, a world-famous author, the ex-wife, and the mistress, and that's just for the openers, and he and Jean appear hell-bent to investigate them all. Mix in Jean's insatiable sex drive and some lively escapades for an eye-popping read that puts the sizzle into romantic suspense. VERDICT: This debut is overstuffed; some of these suspects could have been saved for another book. Still: Sexy? Absolutely. Suspenseful? Ditto. Along with her nonstop action, King manages to make foodies and wine afficfionados drool.