Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Even More Praise for Chris Knopf's Dead Anyway

Yet another positive review for Chris Knopf and The Permanent Press' latest release Dead Anyway. This one comes from freelance journalist Jeff Mannix writing for his "Murder Ink" review column of "The Durango Herald.

Dead Anyway

"Nobody dislikes a revenge story, and this is a beaut. Knopf is clever, meticulous and patient."

"Knopf’s two protagonists are compelling – the putatively dead Arthur Cathcart, and Natsumi, a flighty but sagacious blackjack dealer Cathcart meets, trusts and teams up with to attempt an honest, justifiable revenge sting on the people and powers who summarily executed him and his wife. You’ll love these characters."

"Dead Anyway is the quintessential whodunit."

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Look for Dead Anyway coming this September from The Permanent Press!