Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review Roundup!

Hello Permanent Press Fans, as we make our way further into 2013, waves of reviews continue to roll in. Here are the reviews from our latest and upcoming 2013 releases:

Knock KnockKnock Knock - Suzanne McNear (January)

"Her self-effacing wit, pointed observations, and purposefully stilted dialogue are instantly relatable and charged with dark humor. Readers will get the sad sense of time passing McNear's directionless life: a relatively long, horrendous marriage; the subsequent divorce; depressions and nervous breakdowns all impenetrable barriers to success. McNear's book is a deeply pleasurable read and a reminder that not everyone worth admiring has a plan." --Publishers Weekly

The Inbetween People - Emma McEvoy (January)

The Inbetween People"The novel tackles the complex theme of what the war over the fate of Israel has meant for its inhabitants in moving and highly personal terms. A poetic and painful examination of the legacy of loss in a land with a long history of it." --Booklist

"This is a stunning novel. I needed to let it settle with me. It’s a challenge to adequately describe its beauty and potency...Exquisite prose haunts you and urges you think about the characters, the landscape, the country, its people and its troubled history." --Entertainment Realm

The Stone Lion - William Eisner (February)
The Stone Lion
"The perfect retort to those who insist they don't write them like that any more." --Library Journal

"Set in the very real, very modern world of financial chaos and loss, where a once great company is struggling to retain its market share, The Stone Lion brings the worlds of big business, research and development, sales and marketing to life. Fascinating characters and an interesting mix of interpersonal and company relationships, kept me reading, and eager to see how the tale might end. It ends well. I like this lion." --Sheila Deeth, 

Resolve - J.J. Hensley (March)

Resolve"One need not be a runner to enjoy the thrilling story of crime and drama. Resolve gives the reader the chilling sensation that the story could happen to anyone, making it all the more real.'' --Luke Watson, 3-time U.S. Olympic Trials Competitor

"J.J. Hensley's debut novel is a lean, fast-paced, suspenseful murder mystery — told with style, intelligence, and wit. It pulled me in immediately and kept me guessing from start to finish." --John Verdon, bestselling author of Let the Devil Sleep

Nothing Serious - Daniel Klein (April)

Nothing Serious"A rollicking farce, and a tightly plotted comedic tale with a genuine emotional center and a sharp satirical wit. He lambastes in equal measure the politically correct pieties of academia and the hyper-trend-conscious attitudes of New York hipsters. Beneath the scabrous humor there is a genuine love for all humanity. The title is a big clue. In the end, the title says it all. The pursuit of happiness involves to some degree the ability to not take things seriously. Mr. Klein’s Nothing Serious is a short sweet novel, equal parts intellect and comedy—perfect to read on vacation or as a palate-cleanser for more heavy handed fare." --NY Journal of Books

"Nothing Serious is an amusing and intelligent novel whose title and beguiling narrative belie the depth of the ideas that Klein is working with. Humanity, the novel ultimately suggests, will never figure it all out, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that we keep trying." --Marc Schuster