Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Review For The Grievers

Marc Schuster's The Grievers has been praised again, this time on Luxury Reading.com.

"The Grievers is a bittersweet little gem of a novel that opens up the reader’s mind to emotions not usually given face time, at least not to this degree. Life, loss and the dark place where people go when neither can be attended to in a healthy manner, create a story about human nature and how one moment in time can alter past and present, individually, as well as cumulatively. Funny and sad, sweet and tender, crass and rude, The Grievers delivers a quick, succinct, raw and honest approach to life and death and the unique reactions of human beings to situations out of their control or understanding. Seamless and clean, it’s a quirky insight in to the interconnectedness of all of us, despite our differences, in the face of tragedy." -- Claudia Robinson, luxuryreading.com

Read the full review and more at Luxury Reading.com!