Monday, July 30, 2012

Death in a Wine Dark Sea by Lisa King in LL Book Review

The LL Book Review has recently praised Lisa King's debut novel  calling it a " can't put it down, classic mystery".

"The pace of DEATH IN A WINE DARK SEA by Lisa King is fast; the plot, pleasingly intricate, the storyline surprising from the start, the suspects numerous and humorous. Reading the book, I could feel, see, and smell the damp San Francisco fog rolling in over the hills."

"DEATH IN A WINE DARK SEA by Lisa King is for mystery lovers who choose a book because it conforms to the conventions of classic mystery but who want something more than a great puzzle. It is for readers who like surprises, who delight in characters well drawn, who relish stories told in transparent prose with a consistent style. If you are one, you won’t want to miss this book."

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