Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Library Journal August 2012 Reviews

Reviews of Jaden Terrell's "A Cup Full of Midnight" and Chris Knopf's "Dead Anyway" have offered high praise in the August 2012 issue of Library Journal

"Saddle up for PI Jared McKean's welcome second appearance. While successfully juggling a complex cast with numerous minidramas, Terrell never loses focus on a case about troubled teens, which he writes with sympathy"

"Knopf's tale is suspenseful from the get-go, with an intellectual, yet visceral, vigilantism coursing through the pages. In a major change in direction, the author of the "Sam Acquillo Hamptons Mysteries" (Black Swan; Hard Stop) never misses an angle and manages to weave a bit of humor into a storyline that could have been purely dark. This bodes well for a really good series"